Thursday, May 5, 2011

Black pine in new Isabelia pot

European black pine, Pinus nigra Austriaca, collected.
Today a new pot by Isabelia from Chechia. First image last year. I have also changed the position by turning the tree counter clockwise one hour and tilting it slightly to the left. I think the new pot fits very well.
Last image as of 2001. At that time it seemed impossible to ever make this into a decent bonsai.


norfolk said...

What an incrdible transformation! Walter, did you insert thick wire into the right main trunk to bend it? You do like difficult material don't you.

Brian, Norfolk, Va

Walter Pall said...

Brian, this one was bent with splitting the trunk. This works well for very old and very thick trunks. But it leaves a big hole in the trunk for decades.
Anyway, see this: