Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Souvenir from Slovakia - European hornbeam #14

In June 2010 at the First Habsburg meeting in Slovakia Maros offered this hornbeam (Carpinus betulus)for a demo tree. He had collected it in 2008 and it was in very good condition. Somehow later on after the demo the tree found the way into my garden. I potted it this spring into a round training pot in a good new position Now, that the leaves are out and stretching the tree starts to look like I expected.

The second Habsburg meeting in Slovakia will take place June 18 and 19. Make sure you attend.
BTW 'Habsburg' because we found that only folks from countries which used to be part of the Habsburg Empire one hundred years ago attended the meeting. So we decided to give it an 'offcial' name.


Martin said...

Very nice progression. I am looking forward to see you Mr.Pall on Second Habsburg meeting. I will take some "medicine" again;) Martin

Maros said...

Hi Walter, I'm very happy that tree is doing fine in your garden. I also enjoy to see you again on Habsburg meeting :)
Good luck.