Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Mugo pine #46 part 1

Mugo pine, Pinus mugo, collected in 2009 in the alps, 75 cm high, base 30 cm diameter (one foot), probably way over 100 years old, training pot.
Under my close guidance Walter showed what he has learned concerning working with deadwood. Teh outcome is quite promising. Good job, Walter!


Anonymous said...

"30 cm diameter"

Talking about diameter only makes sense when talking about circular shapes. Or elliptical, but in this case there are two diameters and to describe an ellipse completely, one must also specify the minor diameter. Otherwise it would be quite easy to produce trees with enormous diameters: just lay the trunk down until enough of it touches the ground.

That's why foresters use the term DBH (diameter at breast height). This way the measurement skips the "nebari" and other irregularly shaped swellings and give a more meaningful (normalized if you will) measure.

Walter Pall said...

So what?

Anonymous said...

So that when reading a description of a particular tree one could more accurately ascertain its real size / dimensions. Otherwise such quotes can be quite a misinterpretation. You know, just like fishermen like to "extend" the size of the fish they catch.

Walter Pall said...

Well, at teh monent the plan is to have the front right there where the trunk has 31 cm of diameter. It does not matter much that from the side it is not quite as impressive. Bonsai works with optical illusions, you cann alos call it deceptions. This trunk will look extremely thick. The proportion will be 31 (trunk thickness) to about 75 (height) whihc is around 2.5 and is extreme.
So this measure is of high importance because it will create exteme proportion.