Thursday, May 26, 2011

wild cherry doing fine

This is a wild cherry, Prunus mahaleb, collected in 2009. First image two months ago. Here one can see well the effect of my horticultural regime. Aggressive watering and feeding, full sun, modern substrate. See for yourself what happens within weeks.


Captain Haddock said...

That's an exceptionally nice tree. said...

Despite the theories mentioned in old books, by following your method, I had better results over the past years.

Biking Badger said...

If the first image is two month's ago (March??) then does that mean you have pruned the tree twice since then?

Walter Pall said...

No. The second image is as of before pruning and the third after pruning. This is quite rough, more like pruning a hedge. There will be new growth within the next four weeks. This will be pruned abain at the beginning of August. Then there will be more new growth and the tree will go into dormancy. Then one can see what is going on within the crown. Between end of November and end of March 2012 mana branches will be removed or reduced and the structure of the tree will come out much better than it was in March 2011. Thus such a tree can become almost show ready wiht three years. This only in combination with my horticultural scheme.

Anonymous said...

Hello Walter,

thist post has two weeks now and I already tried once to comment but did not succeed with my google account. One last try (as anonymous):

it has a very nice movement in the trunk. On the top with leaves it is not so clear, but without them it has a quite large and straight branch on the upper left. Without questioning your work (as I admire it a LOT) do you have plans with it I don´t see at the moment?!


Walter Pall said...

The thick things are not branches but sub-trunks. If the next owner does not like this sub-trunk he may well cut it off. I am quite relaxed about this. It is very early in development. Let's speak in ten years about it.

xtolord said...

Hi Walter,
I've been seeing the words "horticultural regime" here and there on your blog.
But what is it?
Where can I find more about it?


Walter Pall said...


go to 'articles' and find 'substrate , watering, feeding' in more than five languages.

xtolord said...

That was a quick reply =)