Wednesday, January 5, 2011

some glimpes into the frozen garden again

The second image shows a hawthorn that I will style as soon as it gets warmer. I really look forward to tame this tree.
The last images show my spruce on the rock. It is frozen stiff but will be prepared for Noelanders Trophy very soon.


Радко Колев said...

What is the criterion of the determination which trees better stay at the hot-house and which shouldn't be there during the winter ?Thanks

Walter Pall said...

The criterias are how hardy they are, how much space there is in the greenhouse, whether I have worked on the tree after August, whether I want to work on the tree in winter.

tim said...

how long do you get snow for Walter ?

our lasted for 3 weeks then went but we had hard frosts for longer and this is probably be the same till march . last years hard frost and snow caused four losses , two white pines , one cork oak nd a myrtle

Walter Pall said...

We will have quite warm temperatures starting tomorrow. All the snow in my garden will disappear. It will get cold again and we will have lots of snow here as usually until middle of March. Last year the snow stayed until the beginning of April here. You have to know that my home is at an altitude of 670 meters, about 2,000 feet. This is a mountain in other parts of the world.

Lucian Vlad said...

Hello mr. Pall!

Are you watering your trees from your greenhouse during the winter? Is there (in the greenhouse) the temperature ever getting below 0 degrees centigrade?
Thank you for your great work!

Walter Pall said...

I am watering the trees in the greenouse when the temperatures are above freezing. About once a week is suffcient in January and February. in March I have to water two to three times a week.

The temperature go down well below freezing, to minus 8°celsius. That's OK for most bonsai trees. The Mediterranean species like olive are in a warm greenhosue with a friend.

Lucian Vlad said...

As far as I know, the meditteranian species need less water then the others.
What about the soil?. Must it be more mineral then the normal one? Or it is all about the drainage?

Walter Pall said...


ALL bonsai can sit in the same modern substrate. Soil is not used at all for bonsai anymore.