Thursday, January 27, 2011

maple from Kokufu Ten 70

This Japanese maple found the way into my garden in late summer of 2010. When I acquired it I was told that it was on Kokufu Ten 72. Well, some friends searched the Kokufu Ten 72 book and the 71 and the 73 and did not find that tree. So I got the impression that it never was there. But I love this tree by now, have put it into a new pot and started to edit the crown. It has become MY tree in the meanwhile which is close to my heart. Wolfgang was so nice to search for me and found it in Kokufu Ten 70 which took place in 1996. And here we are! Well it is a good feeling. While this tree is not for sale it would certainly help price wise to have prove.

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Al Polito said...

The tree has improved substantially. I didn't like the original nebari but now it's smooth, natural, and powerful. Good work on the refinement!

An expert I know points out that trees that were in Kokufu a few decades ago would never qualify now; the technology to achieve fine ramification, etc., have resulted in much higher standards for the show.