Sunday, January 16, 2011

elm redesigned

Field elm, Ulmus campestre. Today I felt like redesigning this tree. Now it needs a bit of ramification again.


Lucian Vlad said...

It looks very clever to me the idea of creating a young look like bonsai. This is creation, when you bring something that inspires you, that makes you have a revelation.
Thank you for that!

Christian said...

The key here is "handpicked from a few thousand". It is VERY rare to find such a low graft as well as low braching on a normal garden nursery tree. 99% of such trees are grafted about 12 inches up and the branching starts even higher. Normally you would have to go to Evergreen Gardenworks or similar place to get such material. I suspect Jim Doyle had a connection to a nursery to get these trees?