Saturday, January 8, 2011

hornbeam for nemo

This is for nemo who wants to decide whether he likes to trade this hornbeam. The photgraphs are poor due to poor light at this time of the day.


Dan said...

Hi Walter, please can you tell me how you get such good ramification on your deciduous trees. Mine seem to have long internodes during the growing season and then they need cutting back to keep the tree compact. You have compact branch structure and lots of ramification.
Thanks, Dan

Walter Pall said...


full sun, lots of feed, lots of organic feed, lots of water every day, modern very well drainin g substrate, letting trees grow for a few weeks and cutting back ruthlessly. That's all.


Dan said...

Interesting, thanks, the bit I'm not doing is the cutting back ruthlessly. Makes sense as the tree should respond with further budding. Appreciate the info.
thanks, Dan