Tuesday, June 29, 2010

spruce #27

Development from 2004 until today. The tree was collected ten years ago.
The final most outstanding stand was made by Vincent and I got this as gift from the Slovakian group a week ago. Thank you all. Thank you Vincent.


Shaukat Islam said...

Very nice transformation of an otherwise unnoticable starting stock. Great work, I love it.

Normally, I don't fancy crescent pots but this one is a show stealer. It complements the tree so well.... where did you get this nice pot from?

On the stand, which one you have got as a gift.... coz the dark brown one looks quite good but the last picture shows a different stand.


Walter Pall said...


the last stand is the gift. The pot is by William Vlaanderen.

Martin Krivošík said...

Dear Walter,
time goes so quickly, I just want to say thank you for great work at our meeting in Slovakia. We had received lots of positive feedback. Its been a pleasure for me to be able to translate your words to our language. There is just 1 small mistake in this article - misspell of the name. Person who made and gave you that stand is called Vinco - full name Vincent Vadovský. Have a nice day.
Martin Krivošík