Wednesday, June 23, 2010

European ash

European ash, Fraxinus ornus. This species is often considered not useful as bonsai, Well is it really?


Anonymous said...

Hi Walter,they are very good species to make bonsai from.
You can make this tree better when you prune it.
I have two shohin-bonsai from this species,you can make the leafs very small when you prune it like a acer.
I do this pruning in June,and the leafs come out very small.
Greetings Ed van der Reek

Jerry said...

Personally, I think they are very difficult to make into small bonsai. I applaud you if you've managed it!

This year I bought some Chinese Ash and they are MUCH MUCH easier. The leaves are naturally smaller, the internodes are short and they grow vigorously.

Some photos:

Pascal37 said...

Hi Walter,

There is no difficult to do big or small bonsai with ash....

as you can see:

Pascal37 said...

Another one:

An article in French, i've wrote on common ash :

pascal37 said...

Another tree :

An article in french, i've wrote on common ash in bonsai