Wednesday, June 9, 2010

second flush of trident

Four weeks after drastic pruning the trident maple brings the second flush. This took much longer than normally because of extremely bad weather. Anyway, as on can see the ramification is fine. With this method the tree stays much healthier and it takes only a fraction of the time of pinching individual shoots. It took me five minutes to cut back the trident four weeks ago.


Shaukat Islam said...


Any name given by you for this magnicent trident?


Walter Pall said...

Not yet. Let's try and find one.

Anonymous said...


I READ that we should wire our tridents in the fall. I know you're a rule breaker, when do you wire them?

Walter Pall said...

In my climate nothing should be wired in fall. There is the dnager of small branches to die. Trees get hurt after wired and bent. They need to repair their wounds to survive winter. So any deciduous tree in general should be wired from middle of March to beginning of August in my climate. This has nothig to do with breaking the rules. This is common sense. In the south of Japan you can wire in fall becasue there is no frost in winter. To apply what you can get away with there in other climates is murder.