Wednesday, June 23, 2010

oriental hornbeam #2 looking good

Oriental hornbeam, Carpinus orientalis today and three months ago. This species has very nice small leaves and very good bark and structure.


Dominik said...

Hello Walter
I have a one question. You have hundreds of trees or even more. Can you tell us what is the best way to get rid of green fly ect. Have you ever had problems like that or are you using something to keep those bugs away from the trees?

Looking forward for the answer.

Walter Pall said...


I have almost no problems with pests. i do NOTHING. I just keep my trees very healthy and vigorous. They have their own immune system and can well defend themselves when they are strong. In most bonsai gardens the trees are weak though.


Sebastijan Sandev said...

With your permission, maybe I can comment to Dominik...I have one new technic that works very well up to now, at least for me. I use ordinary spray for killing flyes or mosquitos and other beatles and just spray around the infested tree, from some distance, maybe one meter or half a meter from the tree, just to fumigate the area. Than leave it for 30 minutes or an hour. After that, use a strong spray of water from the hose and rinse the whole tree and area around it. Every single aphid drops dead from the tree and no traces of any chemical or powder will be visible or could harm the tree. Everything clean and fresh without beatles of any kind. Not one will be left alive.
It also seems harmles to plants. Do not do it close to a garden pond or an aquarium because these chemicals are deadly for water life.

Dominik said...

Thank you Sebastijan so much, will try it tomorrow!

Regards and thanks once again.

Maros said...

Hi Walter,
this tree looks to me as real tree from nature. It will be fantastic in few year years, ready for show. Good luck.Maros:)