Wednesday, June 9, 2010

new mugos and cembra pine

These are mugo pines, Pinus mugo and one cembra pine, Pinus cembra. They are all collected at 2,200 meters altitude. Now they will have to settle for at least a year and then we will see what we do with them.


Michael said...

When you return with a collected tree, do you leave as much mountain soil on the roots as possible? If so, how do you avoid root rot when watering it everyday?

Walter Pall said...

Well, as you can see it is NOT an awful lot of mountain soil left. I water these trees like all trees and I feed them like all trees. And it works very well.

Shaukat Islam said...

Great harvest!!!


Anonymous said...

What is the best place to put the colected mugo,I mean in the green hous or outside and then in the sun or shade,middle shade etc.Please tell me when do you expose pernamently on the sun.
Is that normal that old nedles are getting yellow,sir ?
Thank you for advise.


Walter Pall said...

Outside, half shade, making the crown wet every day, not so much the substrate, feed immediately with chemical fertilizer, some needles will become yellow. When the tree looks green and healthy and has thrown new growth it should be placed more into the sun.