Thursday, June 3, 2010

new growth on spruce

The huge spruce forest is doing very well this spring. Compared to last August it explodes with new growth. I let these new shoots grow uninhibited for a few weeks. Then I will cut back with scissors.


tim said...

How much will you cut back the new growth ?
Some i have let grow to 3cms then cut back to 1cm ,the others i have left to grow

Walter Pall said...

That's OK Tim. The long ones are cut more than the short ones. In the end they will be the same length.

Ana said...

This one cannot travel yet, can it? It would be just the right size for a BMW stand [or a couple].

Walter Pall said...

Well this is way too immature. It will be ready in about five years. And it can only be exhibited at BMW, indeed. It takes four strong men to carry it. It is not meant to be moved ever.