Friday, June 4, 2010

He keeps using images without permission

Now that man has a new image on his page:

This is one of my images. I am not aware that he has permision for this. He only laughs about my mails and say that he has sent money. He never has. This is way too small for any lawyer too accept. Send him an ugly mail:


Anonymous said...

This is what I sent:

To whomever it may concern,

It's come to my attention that you're using at least one of Walter Pall's photographs of his masterpiece bonsai without his permission.

In the first place, needless to say, such practice is illegal. In the second place, it's an indication of how unprofessional your business really is. And in the third place, I don't like you in the first place.

That being said, I think it would behove you to either pay Mr. Mall his rightfully demanded royalties, or remove the photos in question from your web page altogether.

Jerry said...

Yes - I sent a very similar comment to him.

Jerry Norbury

Walter Pall said...

Thanks all. He writes that the image is removed. Well, he kept the other image for two years. Let him sit in the frying pan for a while.

Jerry said...

Walter - I just received this email from him. Apparently a TRUE bonsai master would never expect to be paid! I laughed...

Here's his email to me:

Go look at my website. It was a mistake. We use only non for profit bonsai masters imagees. It was removed immediately. Never would anyone post an image of a bonsai tree and want to be paid for an image and we pay for it. Sorry but this is simply a mistake and a real cause for true bonsai lovers when someone wants money for an image. Sorry if u disagree but true bonsai lovers and masters never would expect to be paid.

Lous Bonsai Nursery

Anonymous said...

I'll mail him right now!

Walter Pall said...

A true bonsai nursery would never expect to be paid for services.


Jerry said...

Or trees...

Shame I'm in Amsterdam.

Anonymous said...

There are some sellers on ebay who use your trees to sell maple seeds.

I'd much rather they use a photo of the product they are selling ...


Walter Pall said...

It seems that we have found a way to actually get this guy removing my images. He would not do it for two years. But now it's his reputation that he is worried about. I am happy that this works. Thank you all.
Until next time.

Brett said...

A already sent a mail and now I see it seems there has been a resolution. Oh well one more won't hurt :)

Anonymous said...

From the deep woods of Drenthe, the Netherlands, I also gave this man a word of notice.

Although I'm no longer in the arts of bonsai for nearly two years now, it's a disgrace and a shame that this man is using your images for his own use. Truly, this man has no respect for such a great bonsai master as yourself, Mr Pall. It was clearly time to put the law down!

Best regards and keep up this outstanding piece of art and website! The trees in your collection are absolutely breath taking!


Anonymous said...

Lou is at it again. He is now using another image of a tree I saw at a California bonsai show - I think it is on Boon's site. Everyone should start sending emails to Florida bonsai clubs, to see if we can cut into his business.
Look at ALL REVIEWS for this guy:
Lou is a real piece of work!!!
Boycott Boycott Boycott