Thursday, June 3, 2010

The BMW Saga nr. 22

Today, Thursday, June 3


Claudio Estrada said...

The oak (pic nr 2) looks amazing!

Justin said...

Mr. Pall,

I admire your spruce tree. You have a lot of talent. About how many main branches are on this tree? How many branches did you work with when you wired this tree?

Thank you,

Walter Pall said...


on such trees EVERY SINGLE LITTLE BRANCH WITHOUT EXCEPTION gets wired. That's the trick.


Ana said...

Passing by the local National Bank yesterday, I came accross a rather odd display: a long courtyard filled with large pots of what might be called bonsai material, most in rather sorry state. It would seem they were office decoration of sorts. Odd enough...

I'd bet those poor wretches have no clue of what they are missing!