Thursday, June 24, 2010

new growth on maples

Since it was so cold the new growth took more than four weeks. But now it comes vigorously.


Anonymous said...

Do you have a name for that first maple? It's one of my favourites.


Walter Pall said...

It's called Aurora, morning dusk.


Walter Pall said...

Aurora is like fire that sometimes comes to the sky at the cold areas of Earth. In fact, the Roman Emperor Tiberius thought a city was on fire, so he sent fire engines to that city. The city on fire was actually a city against a backdrop of a red aurora.

An aurora can happen in the Arctic, around the North Pole (Aurora borealis - Dawn of the North - here it is also called the Northern Lights) or in the Antarctic around the South Pole (Aurora australis - Dawn of the South). An aurora can often be seen for a long way, many hundreds of kilometers or miles.

Auroras can only be seen at night because their light is not as strong as the light of day. However they can happen during the day as well.

Aurora happens when the Sun sends off stuff we call particles to the empty space. These particles are charged, which means they have lots of electricity. These particles flying in space are called "solar wind". Sometimes solar wind hits Earth. Earth has a protection shield of energy around it. This is called the "magnetic field". The magnetic field wards off solar wind. At the cold area (polar area) magnetic field is less powerful, and it can not protect Earth from the solar wind. There the particles of the solar wind hit the particles in the air. When they hit the electricity gets away and we see that as light. An aurora can also happen in a CME- coronal mass ejection,when the charged particles rip through the electromagnetic field because of their power.

A groups of people called the Sami people who live in Sweden, Norway and Finland think that a Aurora is a tail of a Fox.