Thursday, September 6, 2007

The mugo with lots of bizarre deadwood -part 7

Now we can leave the tree alone for quite a while. It will need good winter protection because it was transplanted in fall.
I think the tree will shine and be even better when the deadwood matures. The crown is almost finished. The overall design is very much as Juergen has forseen I think. The pine looks good and credible from all sides. Some take offense of the fact tht there is almost no life line visible form the front. Fine, there is another front that could be used where the life line is clearly visible. If that is what one insists in. I don't really.
These pictures will be offered to Juergen to use in his upcoming book and possibly for an extension of the article in Bonsai Focus. Eventually the tree will be exhibited in a large convention and I hope to get a picture with the tree and Juergen and myself on either side of it.