Wednesday, September 5, 2007

The most impressive new mugo - part 3

I carefully watched the tree all summer of 2007. It grew very well. I fed and watered it agressively and it was in full sun all the time. In late August I could see that there were more ttan one bud on many terminals. This is a vey good sign. It shows me that the tree is established. So it was not too risky to take the tree out of the box and plant it into a decent container. Well, it happend that the rootballl was much smaller than I had thought. and I just had this wonderful pot by Derek Aspinall sitting around for more than ten years. It is a perfect fit.
Durig potting I had to decide about teh final shape of the bonsai. I always had problmes with this strong direction towards the left and also found that the tree could be much more compact and thus gain in power. So while I placed it into the new pot I partially redesigned it right away. This was necessary to find the best position in the pot.
Just for clarity: I usually have no help doing this. I work with these trees alone. Also the photographs are taken by myslef, als the auto portraits.