Monday, September 10, 2007

the Austrian black pine that thinks it is a ponderosa - part 6

Now the rest is wired with thick wire. It is not a good idea to use thin wire, like we are told in the books. Austrian black pines are very much like ponderosas in this respect. You want the wire to do a job and to stay there for a couple of years. The aim is an effect and not immediate beauty. It is sort of imposible anyway to try to make this kind of tree beautiful right away. Just like ponderosas it looks very messy and kind of hopeless after first styling. It will only look good in about three to five years from now.

Result of first stylding and some outlook for the future. Now the tree needs some winter protection. The wire will stay on for at least one year and then we will see. Progress will be reprted.

This is a unique black pine. I have never ever seen anything close to this. One aim of modern bonsa is to create something unique. Well, point made, it seems!