Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The fat cembra pine - part 3

I knew that this tree sat in the rond pot for a few years. So it was save to take it out and see whether I could just plant it into a better pot without disturbing the rootball at all. Well, it worked. The new pot is artistically fine, but it has way too much volume without roots. This is not good for horticultural reasons. So I put in a full bag of charcoal to fill two thirds of the pot. Then the cembra pine and substrate and done.

Bonsai is great fun. Especuially when one has very good material. This cembra pine is an extreme rarity. It would be great material for any kind of pine, but as cmebra pine it is something quite special. One just does not find good cembra pines. And one of this quality is unheard of.

OK, see you after the Gingko Award next Tuesday.