Friday, August 31, 2007

more indian summer

Just after breakfast instead of reading the newspaper quietly I go out and shoot all these pictures. The neighbours must think I am kind of mad. Well, am I not?

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

late summer meeting 2007 - part 11

On the French EDG forum:;topicseen#msg123910

On the German bff forum:


Reiner the bear

This spruce has caused enormous turmoil on a couple of forums. On the IBC gallery Reiner Goebel declared it the biggest misunderstanding in the history of bonsai - right back to the stone ages. This was not always funny. It often has crossed the border to insult. Well, in hindsight it was that last big upheaval of the bonsai fundamentalists. It was only four years ago. But it seems so long ago. Then the fundamentalists did and could believe to be a majority. Times have changed and they are not a majority, that's for sure.
Fudamentalists know the truth, they know what is right and what is wrong. They are utterly inflexible and liberal is a curseword for them. This is a liberal bonsai, that's for sure. Nobody has to like it, but nobody should insult it.
So how much harm has this done to me, to the bonsai world? I think it has done me a lot of good. It has made me famous. Thank you Reiner. And it has changed the bonsai world - a bit. But not into the direction that Reiner thought of.

1)and 2) before renovation
3) and 4) as of August 2007
5) as of summer 2001

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

late summer meeting 2007 - part 10

David showed how to bring a collected spruce one steop further. Second part of August is a very good time to repot a spruce in my region.

late summer meeting 2007 - part 9

Uli Ernst worked on a mugo pine

1) in summer of 2005
2) other side
3 to 5) during the demonstration
6 and 7) finsihed - a very fine job

late summer meeting 2007 - part 8

In a couple of forums participants show their pictures of the event. I have learned that in addition to the countries already mentioned there were folks here who came from Switzerland, Chechia and Slovakia.
Here some more pictures:

1) I set you people free
2) Hans Kastner listens to Walter
3) small part of the collection
4) interesting material
5) in the middle of the parish
6) more
7) discussion about larch
8) the star

Sunday, August 26, 2007

late summer meeting 2007 - part 7

She has had it, he still has to go to the evening event and entertain his guests until midnight.
What a day!

Thank you Hanna.
This was the seventh traditional late summer meeting. Will we do it again next year? There is a saying in the mountains: 'One does not ask the dairymaid whether she will spend the summer with the cows on the top of the mountains next year right when she retuns in fall. One asks her in spring. And the answer will be yes then.' Savvy people these mountain folks, aren't they?

late summer meeting 2007 - part 6

1) chat with Hans Kastner
2) preaching in between deadwood
3) more preaching
4) awestruck crowd with Helmut Bachmann from Italy and Wolfgang
5) Uli loves the twist in this lilac

late summer meeting 2007 - part 5

More tree inspirations

late summer meeting 2007 - part 4

This 'dancing the tree' seems to be contagious. Uli shows how he is going to style the mugo pine.

late summer meeting 2007 - part 3

Endless tree isnpirations (this is what I call my special way of doing tree critiques). Folks were encouraged to bring trees and shrubs of any quality.