Tuesday, May 1, 2007

The mugo called 'Salvador Dali' - part 6

In April 2007 the tree came surprisingly vigorus. It may well have been the result of aggressive feeding in the fall of 2006. Anway, I looked at the whole thing and decided to solve the big question of pot and crown and shape all at once. The rootball was very firm and I did not touch it at all. All I did was carefully transporting the whole rootball from the old container into the fabulous pot by Peter Krebs. Sorry Horst, this would have deserved a Heinzlreiter pot, of course. But after all this consideration about pot and so the final solution was very simple and the pot was just perfect, although not made for this beat at all.

I warn everybody to just copy this! This was a unique situation and you would have to know very well what you are doing!