Monday, May 14, 2007

The elegant RMJ - part 8

Two days later the wire is off and the tree is cleaned. I cut out many smaller branchlets to make the foliage much lighter. This will surprise many, because they think it is all about gettting the crown dense. You will see in the end whhy I don't think so. The bark will have to be treatd to get this nice brown velvet feeling. And then I will wire again.
Also the backside looks like it could well be the front side. I know that just about everybody who sees this pictue wonders why I did not choose this as front. Well, people who see the tree in reality don't wonder. It is drasticall leaning away from you on the backside. On a picture one cannot see this. This is a good example of the shortcomings of a three-dimensional art form being appreciated on a two dimensional medium. But it is good anyway to have two good fronts.