Thursday, May 10, 2007

pictures for contests

Several deadlines are approaching. The North American vs. Europe contest and the WBFF contest need very good pictures soon. And then the EBA convention in Belgium and the big new French exhibit in Versaillse, France, want some of my best trees. So it is about time to prepare them and take a photo as well. And also Bonsai Art wants a vey good picture of my naturalistic pine for a six page article.

1) Pinus sylvestris, Scots pine, 75 cm, 100 years, collected in Brandenburg, pot chinese, this is the picture for Bonsai Art if I don't shoot a better one tomorrow morning. While this black background is good for most pictures it does not show transparency and three-dimensionality well. This is so important on this tree which looks so much better in reality.

2) Rocky Mountain Juniper, Juniperus scopulorum, 50 cm high, over 500 years old, collected in Wyoming, pot by Derek Aspinall. This picture might do.