Wednesday, May 16, 2007

off to Oostende

Tomorrow I will go onto the long ride to the North Sea, to Ostende, Belgium. There I will moderate a group of demostrations and I will also have my own demonstration with the spruce that I showed earlieer. I was asked to bring two trees which I have already shown. But the larch that I had shown was not really the one that I wanted to bring with me originally. This literati larch was the one. But A week ago it seemed that the new foliage was having problems and would come out unevenly. It rained heavily for a few days and now the tree looks very much OK. I want to shwow this one because it was never ever on an exhibit. Literati larches are extremely rare. And this is so old and mature as bonsai. Not a piece of wire. I think it hs deserved to be shown.

Larix decidua, European larch, collected in Switzerland, around 100 years old, 55 cm high, pot by pPer Krebs.

1) best front
2) not so good, but also not so bad

I will be back on Monday and report about Oostende on my travelogue blog.