Tuesday, May 14, 2013

new pot for spruce #29

European spruce, Picea abies, collected in 1994. New pot by a lady from Germany whose name I have forgotten. Can someone help me?



Anonymous said...

Did you mean Petra Engelke?

Walter Pall said...

Certainly not, I would nevr forget her name.

Anonymous said...

by Claudia Wagner
Gruß Sepp
Bonsai Freunde Straubing

Walter Pall said...

Yes Sepp, that's her. Thank you.

Prakti said...

If there is a stamp on the outer bottom with an "MKW" and a marpel leaf i couldnt help you either, but in this case the Bonsai Busch from DDorf could answer it. All i know is that this initals are used by a german female pot artist i ve forgotten her name :-( So, maybe you could help me out, because i ve got a pot from her... Best regards, Patrick.

Gaspar Sandor said...

Mr. Pall
How can the foliage be reduced and back budding achieved on Spruce?
I have a Picea Galuca Conica. It's a garden center material not a Yamadori with great value, but still I love that little fella.

Thank you!

Walter Pall said...


foliage reduction by little feeding and full sun and medium watering. Back budding by lots of feeding, full sun, lots of watering. First backbudding, then foliage reduction. Takes 15 years on spruce.