Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Cembra pine available

Cembra pine, Swiss stone pine, Pinus cembra, collected in 2000, in Mateusz Grobelny pot, very interesting most unusual material, literati like material of this species is unheard of. Available for trade or sale.



Anonymous said...

Sending people to Mars is also unheard of. But I don't have any doubts of that happening within my lifetime.

What I mean to say is that that can't really be an argument in favour of this tree.

Walter Pall said...

You seem to not know that there are quite a few folks who absolutely don't want the ordinary bonsai but rather something unique, something very special that was not seen before. For them this is great material. It is not cheap either btw.

Anonymous said...

Great movement, excellent shari, dense branching with favoable needle type, old bark... I sure wouldn't mind having this tree on one of my benches.