Monday, May 20, 2013

Japanese yew #2 part 3

Here the result. The crown looks like bitten by a rabbit. We will have to wait for new growth this summer. The old yellow needles will fall off. In a few weeks the tree will shine I hope. The pot is fine, it will stay for the time being. It was not repotted for ten to fifteen years. This would have made us nervous some time ago. now we know that this tree can stay without repotting for way more than twenty years. Anyway, bonsai is fun. This was a nice birthday present! Now I am not disappointed anymore.


Prakti said...

One of the trees you can look at a long time, in between decision, is it there some lack or what is it? Looks a bit hanging in air... Well, surely no broccoli. So vegetables are good brain feeders, that it is what that tree does, moving the mind! Happy Birthday!

Chris G. said...

One hell of a tree indeed Walter! Very nicely done, and future idea's for mine ;)

And, Happy Birthday! And to many More!

Thomas Urban said...

Very nice, yew seems to be one of the most challenging things to work with, but this is just from my visual opinion. Everything on them is usually so straight! Good birthday present for sure. My birthday was on the 16th, and I'd like to wish you a late happy birthday as well and all the best.
My girlfriend would have a hysterical breakdown if I put any more material on our balcony, I need a garden!
Thomas U

Walter Pall said...

To clarify:

my first birthday is on July 20.
the second birthday is March 13. I had a heart standstill and almost no chance to survive. But I did.
I treated myself for the second birthday.

Don said...

I had no idea it was so serious! Congratulations on a second lease of life!