Saturday, August 25, 2012

Trees stolen #2

During the night from Friday , August 24 to Saturday, August 25 two trees were stolen from my garden:

 1) Trident maple, acer burgerianum, 55 cm high, pot by John Pitt

 2) European spruce, Picea abies, 55 cm high, pot Chinese

 The way these trees were stolen points to someone who knows exactly what he was taking. He put a tree aside which he did not like to get to reach the spruce. From the context I assume it is the same person that has stolen all the other trees recently. I take it that this person is someone who was here before to spot what he liked and that it is an insider. Probably this person is keeping these trees for himself. We know the man personally! We only have to find out who exactly he is. The case was reported to the police.


Alex said...

Walter, have you considered getting a couple-three dogs to patrol your nursery? Caucasian Ovcharcka would be an ideal breed for this, but be prepared for injuries -- though, considering how many trees have been stolen, I think that some severe injury is certainly just.

I'm very sorry to hear about this tree being stolen. This one was one of my favorites and I imagine how much its loss weighs on you.

Xavier de Lapeyre said...


Could those two trees be stolen by one man only? I.e. just picked up by one person easily and walk some distance without any weight issues? Or would it need the help of two or more people?

It might not be one person, but a group of people doing some dare [for lack of better words]...

I'm sorry for the loss Walter.
I just hope those people who are doing this do not get to enjoy their theft.

Steve Moore said...

This is outrageous! I suspect you're right: some son of too many fathers is trying to build a collection without having to do the work.

It's unlikely they'll show up on this side of the Atlantic, but I'll spread the word anyway.

Anonymous said...

Walter, du solltest aufrüsten!!
Kommen denn da wirklich so viele Leute in Frage? Auf einem Seminar hast Du mal gesagt, das die Szene überschaubar ist.... Ich drücke die Daumen, das du die Bäume in Natura wiedersiehst, das ist wirklich eine Sauerei!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I don't think the thief has had to have been in your garden before the theft. I mean, everybody who's ever used Internet can see what you have in there. Advertisement in the shape of your blog and countless forum(s) posts inadvertently comes with an unwanted and rather irreversible side-effect: potential thieves know where the "goods" are. The best you can do, short of moving house, is erect a high fence/wall around your property, possibly topped with barbed wire and backed by video surveillance system. RFID tags can't hurt either.

That being said, I'm sorry for your loss.

Oh, and one more thing: is it possible to insure bonsai in Germany (with insurance companies, I mean) )? Do you have yours insured, perhaps?

Anonymous said...

The person who is stealing these trees doesn't understand what practicing "bonsai" is truly about. Having to save every extra penny I can manage and work overtime to afford raw material that might be half as good as the trees stolen, I cannot begin to understand your frustration. If the individuals responsible are aware of the time, money & commitment it takes to own such trees... they simply have no heart and zero self respect! What makes matters worse is the fact that anyone that knows you Walter understands how generous you are. It's the actions of a sad individual.