Thursday, August 23, 2012

Trees stolen

Two Japeanese white pnes, Pinsu pentaophylla were stolen from Francois Jeker in France. Someone with good taste seems to put together a collection of trees
from big names.

 Hey man, you took two trees this time. Don't make this a habit!


Mike said...

This is Horrible.
And the worst part is that these trees appear to be early in developement, so once they're styled and carved and maintained for a decade no one will ever be able to recognize them. This is just awful.

I think that it has to be only one person. Too many high quality trees have been stolen recently for it to be multiple people. I hope both trees will be found in good health soon, along with all the other trees stolen lately.

crataegus said...

sadly, there will always be people who are driven by greed and envy, bonsai is no exception i'm afraid. I actually pitty these people, because no matter how many trees they steal, they will always know in their mind that they didnt achieve anything, and at long last they will become very sad characters

René Voortwist said...

I know how this feels. Six of my trees were stolen from my garden last year. Some people clearly think that they can have pleasure from stolen bonsai, but they are wrong. Everytime they see the trees they will know that they're looking at someone elses work. It's really sad this...