Tuesday, August 21, 2012

European Spruce #67

European spruce, Picea abies, collected in Austria in 2000. First image as of 2006, when I seriously styled the thing. This was a surprising change which the tree survived well.

Six years later !!! Walter took off all the wire and very few minor wire marks are visible. He then edited the crown which has started to have poodely branches. Then he wired everything on that shohin size tree. Well done, Walter! The pot is still a training pot, of course. It will go into a much flatter pot next August.


Anonymous said...


Several times now you've mentioned leaving wire on spruce for long periods, up to 6 years. My question, as a beginner - do you account for this by wiring more loosely (compared to other trees), or do spruce just thicken so slowly that you don't have to worry about the wire causing a problem until many years have passed?



Walter Pall said...

The wire is applied on these spruces just like on all other trees. The collected ones from the mountains are extremely slow growers.
Be careful on your trees and watch them all the time. Yo may well have to take off the wire much sooner.