Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Mugo pine #5

Mugo pine, Pinus mugo, collected in Switzerland in 1995. This one got a new pot. It is by Walter Venne from Germany.


Anonymous said...

Interesting that "anonymous" who was bashing your other two posts today didn't comment on this one. This tree is spectacular thanks for sharing .

I don't know why people find it necessary to bad mouth you all over the Internet. Your work and ambassadorship speak for themselves.

Walter Pall said...


this person is a shadow seer. They only see what they don't like and not what they like. And then he is mistaking this for a forum where everybody is invited to voice an opinion. This is not the case. Here I show how bonsai is done professionally. I also show what my taste is. If an anonymous ignorant has a radically different taste I am not interested. If I show something here then you can take it that I think it is good.

Mike said...

This is a wonderful tree, one of my favorites. And the new pot is wonderful.

I see you've been repotting the mugos now. How do you feel about repotting pines in fall? Do you give repotted trees any special care during winter? And how do you feel about repotting Ponderosa pines in fall? Does Jim Doyle do it in Harrisburg?

I'm asking because i have a ponderosa i bought from an online seller where the akadama in the soil has completely broken down. Its become a solid block of mud and mountain soil, and it needs repotting. Im afraid it will rot over winter. It seems to be very healthy now, but would you recomend a repot now, or just wait until spring?

Mike said...

Hello Walter,

This is my favorite of all of your trees, and i really like the new pot. It looks wonderful.

Also, I see you've been repotting the mugos. Do you give them special care throughout the winter after repottting in fall?

And how would you feel about repotting a Ponderosa pine in the fall? Does Jim Doyle do it in Harrisburg? Im asking because i bought a ponderosa from an online seller, and the akadama in the soil has broken down. Its become a block of mud. Would you recommend repotting this fall, or should i just wait until spring? It is very healthy right now, with large buds at the end of branches. Some branches even have 2 buds.

Walter Pall said...

it is OK to repot mugos now. Spring is possibly just slightly better for mugos. But then these are established bonsai and I disturb the root ball very little.
In your case it's different. you want to get out all the akadama very soon. The tree could die over winter. I would do it now.
Ponderosas are collected from September on. So they can well also be repotted.

Mike said...

Thank you very much for a simple answer Mr. Pall. I asked the same question on a forum back in spring, but they weren't much help.
The tree will be repotted on Monday.