Wednesday, September 1, 2010

steel pot

Michael form Germany made this pot. It is of steel! I love it and will find a proper tree for it. Is steel allowed? No? Wow, I love things which are forbidden.


Anonymous said...

It looks great!

Since this is the first metal bonsai pot that I've seen, I have some questions.

Is it cast or welded? Forged maybe? How is the "finish" done? BTW: is it really steel or is it iron? Will it oxidize/rust or not?

Walter Pall said...

Good questions. They tell me it is steel. More than one method is used to create this I believe. I think it will rust and it is OK. It is not VERY heavy, btw. I can carry it around, no problem.

avicenna said...

I saw it on your summermeeting. Personaly I dont like Moonpots ... but the way it is made and the look is fantastik. I think the guys who made it are specialists. Respekt for that work !

Anonymous said...

I just remembered: given that it is, in fact, metal, what effect do you think it will have on the tree, especially the roots, in summer heat?

Walter Pall said...

I believe it must be placed in shade in summer.