Monday, September 6, 2010

hornbeam #1

European hornbeam, Carpinus betulus. lat image as of 1995. This one will be exhibited at BMW soon.


avicenna said...

is this the final pot for that Hornbeam ?

Walter Pall said...

No, I will have to find a better one. not so easy with thisn size - 60 cm.

Matt Williams said...

I absolutely love this hornbeam, it has fantastic movement and character; refined yet not contrived or artificial in appearence. Have you ever tried using a circular polarizing filter to remove the harsh reflected daylight from the leaf surfaces when photographing your trees? I find the effect really gratifying... of course it may not be to your taste.

Walter Pall said...

Matt, I do have such a filter. I have to admit that I did nto think of taking it. The effect is great and broadleaved trees look better, sure. Well, I do these images for fun. While I have a table set up I take a tree that seems to be worthy of photraphing. I do not plan these things too much. So next timeI will think of your advice.