Friday, September 24, 2010

The BMW Saga nr. 26

Jim Doyle at BMW


Anonymous said...

I think the display looks great! It looked a lot better without colored spotlights on it! Nonetheless the trees look good!

Actually with natural light, it kind of implied the think green, or go green theme that large auto corps., are promoting.

Anyhow, great job!

Anonymous said...

KIMURA is the best. Pall's bonsai looks like ordinary. no offense.

Sebastijan Sandev said...

Well, that is just normal because, it is much easyer to understand Kimura's bonsai than Pall's? Kimura's bonsai is much more self imposing so it is ok that beginners like it better. No offense anonymous

tim said...

Anonymous, when have you seen trees like Kimura's growing in a forest ??? Walters are far better