Thursday, September 9, 2010

shohin parade #6

Both are shohin Austrian black pine, Pinus nigra austriaca. The natural tree can have needles which are four inches long, a bit longer than these bonsai.
These are genetically normal trees, not genetic dwarfs!!


Anonymous said...


Good to see your Shohin trees as well! Nice collection.

As a beginner with just a few years of experience, could you explain your view on needle pinching and back budding? I Have nursery stock that I have pinched back or pruned back and have seen a small amount of back budding with needle clusters maybe one to two cm tall right now. I have a lot more older needle growth on the tree.

How do I proceed? Do I remove all of the large needles that are old and wiry? Do I pinch back the new clusters of needles to half their size? Do I need to follow the traditional JPB schedule?

Could you give us a little lesson on your schedule or philosophy on the topic?

Walter Pall said...

Just follow the JBP procedures.