Saturday, September 4, 2010

IBC thread

Read this Pots by Mateusz Grobelny and say what you think.


Andrija Zokic said...

Two friends by education Master of Arts – sculpture (and ignorant about bonsai) have visited me yesterday. I showed them 4 Mateusz's pots that I have. They both liked them a lot. We have talked about traditional types of pots. They have agreed that such pots also suits trees well and have their quality also. Also they have agreed that some trees definitely better suits in these new pots, than traditional one. They told me that new pots looks organic and alive, and that they are in better harmony with the tree, while traditional pots are in contrast to the tree.
One of aims in sculpting is to find your individual style, and not to be afraid to be different, nay. In Western Art schools, students were told by professor that they will have to reject even his learning, after graduation, when the right time comes.

euan pollock said...

Having read the thread I have an observation. As a European living in America I always hear how the art of bonsai in USA is way behind Europe. Of all the negatives comments a large number seem to be from the US. My observation is that maybe the reason bonsai as an art in th US lags behind Europe is that the edges of it where change occurs are not embraced but rejected. It is not material as the US has some of the best material anywhere - even though I hear that often as well that US has no good material compared to Europe. It is a cultural 'thing' that is holding back the US

Anonymous said...

I think that you've taken the notion of "taking someone under ones wing" to the extreme. You should loosen the grip on Marija and Andrija, before they totally lose the grip on reality. The reality being that there is in fact bonsai universe besides what you define as such.

As for the radical stuff you're introducing, well, I think that

1. bonsai is a tree in a pot (not only that, of course) and

2. not every container qualifies as a pot.

That being said, I like some of Mateusz' pots and some of them I don't like. Let's see what the "verdict" of bonsai professionals regarding those pots is in a year or two when your trees will have been shown in a couple of top European shows, shall we?

Anonymous said...

Neue "Sachen" muss man ausprobieren
um sich ein Bild zu machen, Vor- und Nachteile erkennen zu können.
Insofern ist es sehr angenehm das ich mir nicht selbst die Mühe machen muss. Die Kombination dieser
teilweise sehr ansprechenden Schalen mit Bäumen wird dadurch erschwert das Sie meist sehr tief sind was die Verwendung eher auf den Kaskadenbereich beschränkt.
Von den gezeigten Kombinationen
besticht am ehesten der Weissdorn.
Nicht auf den ersten Blick,
aber im Nachhall dafür umsomehr.
Die Meinungen im IBC ordne ich in den Bereich amusant ein, da bei dem oft verwendeten Wort "Kunst"
der Grundgedanke des freien Schaffens doch sehr unterdrückt wird.
mfG Dieter

Sebastijan Sandev said...

I am sorry that I do not want to write it again but I have written everything I think on the theme in the IBC post so I would like to leave a link

Marija Hajdic said...

Dear Anonymous!
Shall we denude your preoccupation about mine and Andrija's "contact to reality". Unfortunately, you are not kind sympathetic man, concerned about us ... no, you are bittered man, angry on people whom do you never meet or speak to, and above all you can't stand that people can unconditionally like each other, or have independent mind and opinion. As obvious you have problem not us!
Get a life!

Anonymous said...

First off, Walter said to say what we thought. I just contributed my two cents.

Secondly, I'm just trying to do you a favour. So is Walter. I think. It's just that you're gripping too hard. Seriously, there is only one Walter - I don't think bonsai world needs his epigones much.

FCOL, Andrija is a sculptor. HE could teach Walter as far as "artistic impression" is concerned. Don't sell yourselves short by merely (and strictly) imitating everything Walter does.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it is time to start our own traditions.

There are no bonsai police who can tell us what we can and cannot do.