Tuesday, September 7, 2010

shohin display

I was asked to provide 15 to 20 shohin for an upcoming shohin exhibit in Bavaria, Germany. They just wanted the trees with stands. Now how many small stands does one have? Anyway, since quite a while I was contemplating the possibility to show shohin in a modern way. I am just not smart enough for these rules and regulations that one reads about exhibiting shohin. And I don't have the tables nor scrolls. But I think I have a feeling how I would exhibit small artifacts in general without any reference to bonsai tadition. So I had a couple dozen of these acrylic blocks made. They are very well done, look professional and are water proof.

These are my first tries. One set for broadleaved trees and the other one for conifers. I am sure traditionalists will tear me to pieces. Well, this is my first try and I possibly will improve this. But I will certainly not change it to traditional.

The conifer one does not please me really, while I like the broadleaved one. So we will have to try a bit more.


Philipp said...

Hi Walter,

ur Shohin display is great!

I really like the clear structur and design. With the right trees its just perfect.

The only thing i would change is:
There should be no front tree in front of the ones behind (on the right side you can not see the whole tree in the background because of the trees infront).

I agree with you that the conifers doesnt fit as good as the broadleaved ones. Why?
For me the 2 trees on the lower right block are "boring" together, they have almost the same trunk movemend.
The cascade is very nice but the lower branch is to near to the other trees and to the next block...

In my opinion, with some rearangement this could look quite good as well.

Greets Philipp

Anonymous said...

WOW, Great to see some of your smaller trees as well!!

Arzivenko said...

Too many trees on the first stant. I would try with four or five.