Friday, September 3, 2010

Cembra pine #3

This cembra pine , Pinus cembra was collected in the Alps in 2002. I got it in 2005 and started to work with it right away. If you look at the development you might ask why I did not try to make 'proper' branch layers. Well, this is impossible with this kind of material. And it would look silly anyway, like a bonsai with a weird trunk. Last year it started to look somewhat decent, but the pot was way too big. To plant such an unorthodox tree into an orthodox pot is like dressing an old farmer with a tuxedo. It would look awkward. So the old farmer needs a lederhosen in my area. Today he got it. Alex and WP planted the beast in one hour onto this artificial rock by avicenna. In a year I might wire the branches again. We'll see.
Unorthodox trees should go into unorthodox pots.


avicenna said...

Walter ... simply stunning at all !!! I think this rockbowl was made for this tree ;-) It's an impressiv naturalistic compostion in that ones eye and the imagination can take a walk.
A great tree in a great rockpot ;-) all in all stunning as we know your creations ;-)

somegeek said...


Anonymous said...

This artificial rock looks so natural! Really realy nice!

Ed said...

That 2nd to last picture is a beautiful look. Is that another one of the metal pots/slab?

Anonymous said...

Hi Walter. Simply amazing!
One question: how do you treat this kind of pine? As far as I know it is different respect to the Scots pine..

Walter Pall said...

Sure it's diferent. it is a five-needle pine, close to Japanese white pine. Well, I treat it nealry like all other pines. Only with organic feeidng I am a bit careful. It often gets yellow needles if it has too much organic feed.