Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Walter and Alex bend very old trunk of mugo pine

This is a very old mugo pine that Alex has collected in the Alps a few years ago. He styled it with two crowns but never was happy with the result. The long cascade trunk was too straight and way too long without any green. So one cold have cut off the long part and worked with the small crown only. Since this would well be a viable option it was OK to risk the trunk and try to find a way to bend it severely. To bring some life int the WP bonsai school in my garden I held a long presentation of the pros and cons and know how and secrets of bending very thick old trunks on conifers. Then I let Walter and Alex loose. You can see what they did. The result is stunning. Now it is not a dog anymore, it is indeed, a very nice piece of material. If the lower crown looks healthy next year one can start to wire again and style the tree a second time. If the lower part ceases to cooperate it gets cut off and the little crown becomes the main one. The pot by Josef Mairhofer seems too big and too sort of square. So one option will be to plant this into a new stone pot by Mateusz Grobelny. We'll see and report.


Natti said...

Hello Mr. Walter Pall,
I have been following your website for a while. I am completely blown over by your skill and collection of Bonsai. The Hibiscus is among my favorite flowers and when I saw the pictures of the Bonsai in your website I felt so good that it could be done. I will be attempting this after I learn some basics of Bonsai here locally. You are an inspiration for my interest in Bonsai

Stavros said...

This kind of treatment to old trees does not need only meticulous technique and skill; the tree must also be in very good health to withstand this, otherwise things can surely go wrong.

Very well conducted.

Casey Niederhauser said...

What happens to the large cut that is made? Does it ever heal over completely? Do you have any examples of this type of bending that show the results years afterward?

Walter Pall said...


the groove will stay forever. The trick is to carve it so it looks credibly naturat at some point. Or to place the groove on the back side.
Mugo 10 in my 'offers' in the gallery was trated just like this one six years ago.


Michael said...

You did not "fill" the groove with wire or raffia the branch?

Walter Pall said...

No, what for?

Casey Niederhauser said...

Excellent- thank you