Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Rocky Mountain Juniper #4

Rocky Mountain Juniper #4, Juniperus scopulorum. Refined again. The pot is very good but clearly to large. Next spring I will find a new one. Last image as of May 2005.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mr Pall,

Sorry to ask such a beginner question but you seem to be repotting trees, is this the time to repot trees in european region? When do trees repot them? Do you also do root prunning? Thank you very much for your knowledge.

kind regards

Walter Pall said...

I don't repot. I take the trees with an almost intact rootball and place them into the new container. I try to NEVER root prune collected conifers. And I try to avoid repotting as long as I can.

Thomas Urban said...

Hello Mr. Pall I just bought a sabina juniper from a nursery and I'm wondering if It's possible to repot before the winter. The nursery soil is a sad excuse for a good root environment. Is it too late or can it be done in the fall perhaps if the soil is removed and the roots aren't shortened? I live in Brno CZ, I think we have very similiar climates.
Thank you,

Walter Pall said...


a sabina juniper in your climate should not get transplanted now. It's too late. The next possibility is beginning of September,or better, end of April next year.