Sunday, August 29, 2010

Oriental hornbeams - lots of

All these are quite old collected oriental hornbeams, Carpinus orientalis. All these are for sale or trade. They are of exceptional quality with loads of potential and character.


Anonymous said...

Hi Walter
I love the carpinus. Being in a hot climate and also your comments about this species has me interested enough that I have been trying to germinate them from seed for the last couple of years. Hopefully I have good seed this year and I can get them to come out.
Looking at these great old trees I know I will never get the same for myself from seed but if they are able to take the heat better than other hornbeams as I understand they do then I have to just take joy in knowing my seedlings will go onto better things after I am gone LOL
They are actually part of Canberra's 100 Forest arbortorium that is being constructed. Trees for this project (not necessarily natives of Australia as this tree is not) are chosen in some regard for being rare/endangered.
I am not sure if this is so for carpinus orientalis but I do wonder if taking these great old trees from the wild is wise?
I did look for a personal email to ask this question but could not find one but as you have the choice to show this comment I am sure you will deal with my concern in an appropriate manner.
If this years seeds don't come up maybe I can hit you up for a few seeds over Winter. :)
Loving the oriental hornbeam.
Maybe one day soon we can import a few of these over here :)

Walter Pall said...


Carpinus orientalis is probably the most commmon 'weed' in the Balkan. They are everywhere and this is clearly the most frequent woody plant there. So noebody should worry about protection or so. The only problemm is to find good ones for bonsai purposes. Otherwise you can have millions just by the roadside.