Tuesday, August 24, 2010

souvenir from Slovakia

In June at the great Habsburg Bonsai Symposium 2010m in Slovakia, Roman brought this tree for the tree critique and workshop. It is a small mugo pine, which I thought was perfectly suited for a shohin semi-cascade. Well, Roman did not seem to like this idea too much. Somehow I got this tree then and did the first main wiring immediatly after arrival. Then I left it alone all summer and now my assistant Walter finished the wiring. A nice pot by Mateusz Grobelny is already reserved for it. Roman, want your tree back? :-)


Roman Mrenka said...

Hi my old best friend Walter :)
tree is cute,that is true and in your hand goona be the best shohin which I know ,but,I dont wanna be unpleasant but I never seen more ugly pots like from Mateusz Grobelny ,I dont know him and I hope hi is handy man.
sorry sorry but that pots looks like waster and some pots you can buy in Institute for the mentally disabled poeple.I do not offend anyone but it is my wiev.

your big fans Roman from Slovakia

Walter Pall said...


that's OK. I did not expect everybody to love them. Let's speak abut this in ten years.