Wednesday, August 4, 2010

new pot for olive

This is the olive of Walter, my assistant. He chose this new pot by Matheusz Grobelny.


somegeek said...

I really dig these handmade pots. Seems to tie the tree back to nature a bit vs the sterility some geometrically shaped pots project.

Thanks for all that you share!


Nik Rozman said...

Who wouldn't say, there's a fit. This one I actually think maches the tree wel. =D


Anonymous said...

You know, I'm finding this whole "New pot" thing SO interesting and ppls reactions!
I think I'm a lot like Nik...I'm very "careful" and reserved about the pots (But I also think this one is great!)

I'm wondering what it is that makes some, more pleasing to my eye than others. And then I recall an article (which I'm sure was written by you Walter) about the esthetic/artistic side of Bonsai.

I have a feeling that these heavier and sometimes taller pots suit the cascades/semi-cascades (and thos close too) better.
And then there is this pot which is smaller and lower and lighter (in colour) than the original pot and that is much better.

WOW! What an effect the pot really has on the whole composition!

Thnx Walter


achim said...

on this one, this kind of pot works very well i think.

Brendon Covich said...

Hi Walter.
I like the pot, but I think it would benefit the Bonsai if it was darker. It tends to blend with the trunk a bit much. However, that is just my opinion, and it is your tree! Much of your Bonsai are very cool!
Regards from New Zealand