Wednesday, April 28, 2010

two medium sized new ash

These are two medium sized flowering ashes, Fraxinus ornus. Bot are collected trees and went into pots by Rolf Hitz from Switzerland. This kind of quality one only gets when bonsai experts work on small trees for decades. In this case the experts were goats.
Similar trees of this size and a bit larger are available for trade or sale. They are from 100 Euro upwards.


Anonymous said...

To what extent have these trees been worked on aside from the goats? Are the smaller Ash also from goat pasture?

Walter Pall said...

They were cut back slightly, that's it. Of course, these are hand picked. All these ashes and Carpinus are done by goats and sheep over many decades. These trees are quite old for theri size. but you shuold jnto think tha one just goes there and digs them out. This is only in very special areas. There are ethnic minorities which don't like people with big cars from Germany at all, there are many mines from the Balkan wars, there are snakes and there are suspicious locals with shotguns. And there are officials who want to be bribed well to give a permit. And then you have to find the trees. There are thousands of mediocre ones everywhere, like here in Germany, but in some small areas they are more often like this. And they are way off the road in the hills.