Monday, April 19, 2010

final pot for spruce number 43

Spruce number 43 got this fine pot by Josef Mairhofer today. Twenty months ago it looked rather wild.


Anonymous said...

Stunning twin trunk... nebari appears to be incredible.

Justin said...

Mr. Pall,

I potted my spruce (Alberta) tree about 2-3 weeks ago into its first bonsai pot and it looks good. I have well drained soil and everything (with no organic matter). The base of the tree, at the soil surface, seems to stay wet for most of the day after I water. Sometimes it stays wet longer. What I mean is the bark is very dark in color and moist at the trunk base. It will eventually dry but I am concerned about the moisture. Is this ok?

Thank you,


Walter Pall said...


sounds like pretty much normal to me.


Justin said...

Mr. Pall

Thank you. I figured it was OK but I wanted to check with an expert. Thanks again.