Thursday, April 22, 2010

Prunus nr 10

Wild cherry, Prunus mahaleb, collected in Slovenia, about 60 years old, pot China. At the end of summer the branches will be edited and wired.
Lena starts to love power tools.


Don McCarthy said...

The dead wood looks great on this -- is it very soft?

Walter Pall said...

It is medium soft. The inner core is quite hard. This is good, so it will stay. I will treat all deadwood that is mature with wood hardener. Meaning that the deadwood that I worked on will not be treated for a couple of years. When it has created patina and looks natural it will get hardened. That is actually like petrified.

Justin said...

How do you know the age of your collected trees? Is there a way of knowing how long the tree has been growing in the area where it was collected? I collect trees of my own. Is there a way for me to tell the age of the tree?

Walter Pall said...

Experience and tests. This tree probably is closer to 100 years old. You just have to have hundreds of trees that died and you cut them apart and count the rings per cm. Then it's just a matter of educated guesswork and simple mathematics.