Thursday, April 29, 2010

He steals my image since a long time and laughs

I have written several mails since two years to this man about not having the right to use my image and having to pay for it. I had to threaten to sue him. He just writes back silly mails and does nothing.
Here is the site with my maple:

poacher's site

Write him a nasty mail and tell him to go to hell or somewhere:

nasty mail to Lou


Anonymous said...

If what you say is true, then no nasty mail will help. You'll have to make good on your threats: sue him. Why don't you, btw?

Mike Konig said...

You would have thought that as a bonsai dealer he would have a suitable image from his own collection to put on his site, but judging from the trees he sells......

Anyway, I have sent him a message to support your right to payment and credit.

Houston said...

Nasty e mail is probably not going to work. How about providing logical reasons why using unauthorized images may not be in his best interest? I sent him the polite suggestion that it would be bad for his business to become well known in the US bonsai community as the guy who is stealing his website images.

Anonymous said...

Under international and American law, the Digital Millenium Copyright Act protects your work, especially in the US.

Google DMCA and you will find a place to report the theft of your image.

Good luck Walter.

ps you can also report the theft to his ISP You can find it by doing a WHOIS on his website.

Matsu Bonsai said...


I've had similar issues with other sites. I've had luck contacting the host, as this is a violation of copy right law. Looks like the site is hosted by Rackspace ( It's worth sending them an email, I would think.

Good luck.

Matt Williams said...


This is a great shame. I sent the following message:

It is a great shame that you should use Walter Pall's images without acknowledgement or permission. Mr. Pall is very generous in sharring his collection with the public through his website and blog and for you to pirate his images for your own profit is shameful. If you run a Bonsai nursery then you should have images of your own trees to promote the business, if they are not of the quality of Walter Pall's trees (which seems doubtful) then you are misleading the public about your own skill as a Bonsai artist and the quallity of your nursery. I encourage you to change your approach and repent of your unethical behaviour as it will, I suggest, damage your reputation (and indeed already has given the readership of Walter Pall's blog on which your dishonesty is exposed).


David said...

Hello WP,

I'm a Designer and if you have the Copyrights of this Picture you have the rights over it, this means it can only appear on other websites and other places with your written autorization, specially if the image is being used for comercial objectives.

The exepction of this case is if you see your link to this image shared in a social network like facebook or twitter in that case it's more difficult to sue someone, since they are sharing directly from your site without any comercial intent.

Lous Bonsai is a webshop and it's using your image with comercial purpouses you can easly sue him, since it's your tree and the photograph is under your copyright and Lou doesnt have a written permission to use the photo.

So my best advice Walter is to sue him.

best regards from portugal,
David Carvalho

Anonymous said...

You might also get into contact with google about his advertisements. They are the top of the list in the ads by google in the side tab. Its a crying shame that he steals your images and then is still able to advertise through the viewing of your website. Good Luck.