Saturday, April 24, 2010

new pot for mugo number 37

Mugo pine, Pinus mugo, collected in Switzerland, First image 20002, second summer of 2008. Now the new pot by Mateusz Grobelny from Poland.


Ana V said...

[about the pot] End of civilization, beginning of civilization... same difference. The pot appears to hold its own against the tree, in the pictures. Is it a matter of persective [just a picture, after all], or are these pots meant to be an acquired taste?

Walter Pall said...

When I do such things it is never to shock the bonsai world, to make myself being talked about. It is always because I like something. I am in the position to not at all have to do something for selling. My better trees are not for sale. period. Therefore I don't work for mainstream. I don't work in the taste of yesterday, sometimes in the taste of today and often in my own taste. Whether this will become the taste of tomorrow we'll see, and it is NOT so important to me. Or I eventually just take the tree out of this pot and put it into a more conventional container. I am so bored by conventional bonsai, styling. pots, display. I just feel that I have to try something different to cheer myself up. What the world says about this is a side effect to me.

Ana said...

Perhaps the taste of yesterday is almost as much news to me as that of tommorrow! The tree & pot simply got me talking today - it would be hard no to.